The Essential Advisors' Mix 2017

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Course Content

Here is a listing of the topics being covered in this online course:

Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • The Implementation of the New S.1A of FRS 102
  • The Challenges around the Practical Application of S.11 of FRS 102 in relation to Directors and Intercompany Loans
  • FRS 102 12 Months On – The 5 Most Common Questions
    1. Accounting for Investments and Shares
    2. Investment Properties being revalued to fair value
    3. Revenue Recognition under S.23 of FRS 102
    4. Tangible Fixed Assets under S.17 of FRS 102
    5. Tax adjustments and reversals under FRS 102
  • The All New Micro Entities and FRS 105

Regulatory & Accounting Issues

  • Charities, The Charities Regulator & SORP FRS 102
  • Anti-Money Laundering and the Reporting Requirements of Accountants & Auditors
  • MUD Act 2011 impact on Property Management Companies and their Constitutions
  • Client Account Auditing & Reporting in Regulated Entities

Company Law

  • Implementation of Companies Accounting Act 2016
  • Practical Application of Directors Loans and Transactions including use of the Summary Approval Procedure
  • The Critical Tool in Companies Act 2014 for Accountants to Avoid Unnecessary Audits
  • The 5 Key issues applying Companies Act 2014 - 2016 into 2017
    1. Unlimited Companies and their Filing Requirements
    2. Opportunities for Single Director Companies and Small Groups
    3. The New 2017 Audit Exemption Criteria and options
    4. New Consolidation Requirements under CA 2016 and the impact on golden shares
    5. Post CA 2014 Conversion Process – What next for companies and directors?


  • Main Changes for Auditors under the New International Auditing Standards Effective June 2016
  • Practical Application of the all new Ethical Standard for Auditors
  • IAASA’s role and impact on the Auditing Profession under SI 312 of 2016
  • The 10 Key issues arising out of Monitoring Visits in 2016

CPD Course Facilitator:

Des O’Neill, OmniPro

Des co-founded OmniPro in 2005 and has been involved in all aspects of the company’s establishment and growth to its current status. He speaks extensively on the subjects of Auditing, Accounting, Practice Development and Strategic Planning, nationally and internationally. He is a member of the Auditing Practices Board SME Audit Sub Committee. Des works with Irish and international practices on technical, regulatory and strategic issues and his current roles within the OmniPro group include Managing Director at OmniPro, editor at and developer and innovator for the Accountants Resource Centre. He is a regular contributor to the profession through a combination of seminars, publications, articles, tools and new processes.

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