Corporate Finance Masterclass 2016

Ireland's Corporate Finance Environment 2016

Speaker: Cormac Lucey

  • The economy: from bust to boom
  • Advanced financial evaluation
  • Accessing bank credit
  • Valuing companies

Advance Financial Evaluation

Speaker: Cormac Lucey

  • Corporate Financial Evaluation – Back to Basics
    • Ratio and trend analysis – review of the basics.
    • Key problem I: weak profitability.
    • Key problem II: weak liquidity.
    • Key problem III: weak solvency.

Accessing Bank Credit

Speaker: Cormac Lucey

SME Credit – the Macro Picture

  • The bank marketplace
  • Declining credit volumes
  • Policy initiatives to boost SME credit
  • Lack of equity – the real problem?

Valuing Companies

Speaker: Cormac Lucey

  • Enterprise value, cost of capital and equity value
  • Valuation methods
  • Valuation multiples
  • Valuing the market
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