Taxation Essentials 2016 - Series 4

Course Content

Session 1: Revenue Interventions – 2016

This presentation will deal Revenue Interventions and the issues Practitioners need to consider for 2016 and beyond, including:

  • Exploring the evolving nature of Revenue Interventions
  • The growing relevance of anti-avoidance
  • Highlighting persistent problem areas
  • Examining issues that are likely to be relevant going forward
  • A review of recent Appeal Determinations and their relevance for Practitioners

Session 2: Valuing Shares and other Assets – a Taxation Perspective

The Revenue have stated that the valuation of shares in private companies is currently an ‘area of interest’ for their compliance monitoring programme. This session will review the subject of valuing shares and other assets and the relevance for taxation, including:

  • A review of the basic valuation methods
  • Importance of non-EBITA adjustments
  • Impact of tax provisions and concepts
  • The Revenue’s perspective
  • Persistence problem areas

Session 3: Close Company Review

Almost all companies in Ireland are owned by families or small groups of business people and therefore the vast majority of these will be considered to be a close company. This seminar aims to provide a detailed analysis of the impact that this status has both for the shareholder/director and the company itself. An understanding of this legislation is vital in advising individuals seeking to mitigate their tax liability by incorporating.

  • The statutory definition of a close company
  • Review of DWT and income tax withholding obligations of companies
  • The effects of close companies status on shareholders and directors
  • The concept of a service company
  • The effects of close companies status on the company

Session 4: Preparing 2015 & 2016 Corporation Tax Returns

In advance of the busy corporation tax filing period this seminar will bring the accountant through the entire filing process pointing out some tax planning areas along the way with the aim of ensuring that the CT1 return is filed correctly and efficiently.

  • Review of information required for filing the return
  • Completion of form CT1
  • Areas of Revenue interest and audit
  • Claiming reliefs – R&D, start-up relief
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